Automatic ignition with no power point required

At a glance
  • Continuous flow technology delivers endless hot water on demand
  • HydroPower ignition, no power point required
  • Available in 10L, 13L and 16L Capacities

The Bosch HydroPower series takes advantage of the energy from the flow of water that passes through the system when a hot tap is opened and turns it into the electric energy required to ignite and operate the appliance. This conversion of energy is created by a smart yet simple hydrogenerator which eliminates the need for a standing pilot, making it ideal for windy locations, or for the connection to mains power supply.

Water is heated only when required providing an efficient reliable source of endless hot water whilst being environmentally friendly, as well as space saving as no storage tank is required.

Our years of experience in water heaters and hydronic heating boilers paired with the latest German engineering allows us to design
and manufacture the highest quality products without compromise to deliver perfect results.

Before our appliances leave our factory, we test every tiny detail and subject them to extensive stress tests. Only when every one of the components meets our high standards of function, quality and reliability 100%, is a Bosch water heater or hydronic heating boiler ready to face its most important challenge: being used at home.

Once your warranty period is over, we are still here to assist you. You can rely on expert care and first rate service through the lifetime of your appliance. From missing instruction manuals to appliance repair, we take care of everything.