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Here you'll find our most frequently asked questions specific to the end users of our appliances.

General Product

Installation and operation manuals for Bosch water heaters can be found on the Bosch website at the link below.

Installation & Operation Manuals

A hot water heater should be installed as close as possible to the most frequently used hot water point. Other factors which may influence the installation position include the length and size of the gas supply pipe, the length of hot water pipe, position of existing doors and windows on the house. Australian Plumbing Standards include minimum clearances and distances which installers must meet.

Yes, a Certificate of Compliance is required for all general and high risk gasfitting in New Zealand.

Yes. Only suitably qualified plumber/gasfitters are permitted to install gas hot water heaters. The installing plumber/gasfitter is qualified to install and commission gas appliances, and is able to advise on the operations of the gas appliance upon completion of the installation. The installer is authorized to issue a Certificate of Compliance at the completion of the installation

In most domestic water supplies in New Zealand, Bosch hot water units are suitable, however in areas with poor quality water, for example bore water or non-towns water, Bosch water heaters may not be suitable. Please note that units installed on an application with poor water characteristics may result in a reduced lifespan of the appliance and voiding of the warranty.

View the link below to see our Warranty and Servicing information.

Warranty & Servicing

The temperature and flow rate fluctuations could be caused by a number of things - insufficient gas pressure, low or high water pressures, difference between cold and hot water pressures. The best way to deal with this situation is to have your Bosch Hot Water unit inspected by a suitably qualified plumber/gasfitter familiar with the Bosch water heaters. Bosch units should be commissioned on installation and regular services at intervals of every 2 years which should ensure such fluctuations do not occur.

Unlocked electronic instantaneous water heaters are compatible, although require setting alterations. We advise your plumber contact Bosch Tech Support on 0800 54 33 52 for further instruction.

Locked units and the Bosch mechanical range (Pilot, HydroPower and Ci Internal) are not compatible with solar applications.

Your local licensed plumber/gasfitter will be able assess your hot water requirements and suggest the appropriate model for your application while taking into account the regulations governing installation of gas appliances. Strict safety rules prevent gas appliances from certain indoor applications so it very important to have the installation and ventilation checked.

Most plumbing and trade stores have access to supply Bosch water heaters.

Contact Bosch on 0800 54 33 52 to discuss a suitable product and place of purchase or a complete supply and install option.

Alternatively, you can use our installer locator by clicking on:

Installer Locator

Please telephone the Customer Contact Centre on 0800 54 33 52, and the operator will assist you with the contact details of a Service Agent near you. Bosch has a comprehensive network of Authorised Service Agents around Australia, each of whom will be able to service your water heater.

Refer this link to find a service technician.

Bosch recommends a safety and service inspection at least every 2 years, and a recommended service checklist is available from Bosch which should be completed by the attending service technician.