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Plumber/Installer Specific

In most domestic water supplies in Australia, Bosch hot water units are suitable, however in areas with poor quality water, for example bore water, Bosch water heaters may not be suitable. All water heater installation and operating instructions now include the attached water quality statement.

Full flow water isolating valves should be installed on the cold water inlet to the appliance. Duo valves or valves with a non return function must not to be used.

Pressure limiting or pressure reduction valves should only be installed on the cold water supply line not less than 3 meters before the appliance. Pressure limiting and pressure reduction valves should ideally be installed on the main cold supply after the water meter to ensure equal pressure for both hot and cold water.

High performance tempering valves should not be installed any closer than 1 meter to the water heater to allow adequate mixing.

The gas supply line needs to be sized in accordance with AS/NZS5601.1 (Gas installation standard). Factors that need to be considered are the total Mj/h capacity of each appliance connected to the gas line (for example 21E…, 26E…, 16H…. the length of each section or junction to junction) and the type of piping used including pressure drop factor.

For natural gas, the gas meter size should be inspected to ensure the total capacity is not exceeded (typically past 6 cubic meters).

For LPG, gas regulators should be sized to pass the maximum load of all gas appliances connected to the system and the size and number of LPG cylinders calculated to ensure effective operation.

Pressure limiting valves should be installed where the measured water pressure is within 30% of the maximum rating of the appliance, for example, if the maximum pressure for a water heater is 1000kpa, a pressure limiting valve is suggested if the water pressure is above 700kpa.

Yes. Any installation of a gas appliance requires a certificate of compliance to be provided to the householder. Please refer to local based state requirements if in doubt.

Based on the description of the fault the customer is experiencing, the customer may need to check if the fault is due to installation or manufacturing.

The customer should be advised to ring the Bosch Contact Centre and discuss the issue. Based on the reported use, Bosch will suggest a further inspection by the plumber in line with out “Installation and Commissioning” guidelines or request a warranty service inspection.

The warranty covers all manufacturing issues related with the product.

Installation faults or poor gas/water supply. User errors are not manufacturing faults and are not covered by the warranty.

For full warranty details please refer to our warranty document.

The pressure limiting valve should be installed no closer than 3 meters from the appliance. They are required to be installed to protect the appliance, however, installing on the main cold water supply line after the water meter ensures hot and cold water lines are at the same pressure. This also protects other water fixtures and appliances.

The Bosch Hydropower or compact series are not suitable to be used as boosters for storage tanks and solar systems need to be able to measure the incoming water temperature and modulate their operation accordingly. Bosch Hydropower heaters do not have this capbility, so they should not be used as boosters. The Bosch Highflow range of water heaters can be used as boosters because they do measure the incoming water temperature.

Each Bosch water heater comes with a set of installation and operating instructions which should provide the necessary information. If you need further assistance please telephone the Customer Contact Centre on 1300 307 037 and Bosch can provide additional technical information sheets and technical phone support.

Contact Bosch Customer Support on 0800 54 33 52 and we will discuss the installation and review against our installation check list. If the problem is not fixed a warranty inspection will take place.